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Our Mission

HOPE worldwide Skyline SPARK Academy is a Saturday program that utilizes arts and science to help participants in our program from disproportionately impacted areas of poverty, violence, gang-activity and abuse process emotional, psychological and physical trauma through arts-based disciplines and therapies as well as youth-led, scientific research in partnership with UNESCO. HOPE worldwide Skyline SPARK Academy contracts highly skilled and effective instructors in various art forms who specifically suit the needs of each partnership (schools, community center, park district, etc.). Our instructors work on site to instruct the participants in learning each arts discipline as well as therapeutic exercises to help process trauma. Our goal is to prepare our participants with skills that are transferable to the work force as well as prepare our students internally to process the stress and traumas of life in healthful ways. At the end of each session (timeframes set by each site’s needs), the participants will host a showcase and celebration of their work and earned skills. The goal is lives (physically, emotionally and mentally) changed for the better and youth empowered to envision and create successful lives – no longer dictated by the devastation of current surroundings. 

Program Overview Of The Past Years

  • Pivoted to Trauma informed curriculum to allow our students to process compound stress and trauma through Art Therapies (Visual Arts, Music, Dance, and Theatre/Drama (Trauma Drama – YCLOC), and Movement/Dance). This upcoming fall, we will be continuing our partnership with UNESCO in bringing a highly successful research program to the state of Illinois (only the second state in the nation to implement the program).
  • Expanding the program to new sites to 7 more targeted Chicagoland areas.
  • Hosting a Creative Arts Therapy Summer Camp with more than 60 students and 20 volunteers
  • Partnering with Music, Dance, Theatre and Fine Arts professionals to add to our current high-quality trauma-informed arts-based curriculum.
  • Providing Experiential Learning opportunities (field trips, engaging in community beautification projects, creating and maintaining a school garden, etc.)


6-character traits are introduced and there is a goal to maintain health by being physically active.


Using art to process
loss yet gain confidence.


Theatre as a safe place to express and process emotions.


Dig deep and create a better
emotional well-being.

Your Donations Make a HUGE Impact

Our program is sustained 100% by donations and grants from generous individuals and organizations.